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San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Glace Crevasse et Derive by Albert Girard and Chantal Caron

Glace Crevasse et Derive by Albert Girard and Chantal Caron

Coming this week to the Brava Theater Center, The San Francisco Dance Film Festival, features a diverse range of exquisitely crafted, original dance film from around the world. Artistic Director Greta Schoenberg,  “People are out in nature, exploring possibilities in exciting new ways…This year features a wide range of artists from around the world, new use of technology, and creative use of space!”

Glove Story  by Oren Shkedy and Dana Ruttenberg.

Glove Story by Oren Shkedy and Dana Ruttenberg

 A highlight of this year’s festival line- up is the 40-minute Israeli film, Glove Story, an epic dance film concerning “the notion of personal space and the all-too-often invasion into it”. This film will make you laugh, cry and reminisce as you journey with the four dancers through a series of familiar but abstracted interactions and solo experiences in diverse locations around the world.  Carried through the film by the central motif of gloves, the viewer experiences a haunting sensation of personal space versus natural and architectural space, as the dancers perform restricted insular movement in locations that offer much expanse and possibility. The film carries a particularly poignant message when these ideas are contemplated in context with the political climate of the Israeli filmmakers and of the greater Middle East.  Glove Story, directed by Oren Shkedy and choreographed by Dana Ruttenberg, premieres on November 7th along with several dance films that explore love stories from around the world.

Silent Places

Silent Places by Simona Deasconescu

The medium of dance film offers the viewer a close visceral experience of space and environments. The SF Dance Film Festival’s screen shorts are the perfect opportunity to explore a wide range of site-specific dance film in exhilarating and unconventional spaces. Canadian film, Glace Crevasse et Derive, directed by Albert Girard and Chantal Caron, offers a thrilling yet tranquil experience of movement on ice floats and glaciers, urging the viewer to contemplate the cycle of life in the natural versus manmade world.  Silent Places by Romanian director/ choreographer Simona Deasconescu features a barren landscape where dancers spin and somersault like tumbleweeds in and out of the camera frame.  Highlighting the architecture of the Therme Vals, thermal bath in Switzerland, Narcissus, directed and choreographed by Giorgio Madia, inspires a meditation on physical form, light, and natural elements. The selection of screen shorts provides a satisfying array of genre, technique, location and story to satisfy the creative palette of every viewer.

Narcissus by Giorgio Madia

Narcissus by Giorgio Madia

This year marks the fifth anniversary season of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival. Since it’s inception the festival has been dedicated to presenting prominent international voices in dance and film from on a creative platform in the Bay Area.  The festival thus serves as a hub for “creative exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration.” Said a Spanish filmmaker presenting work at the festival, “I am SO excited to be a part of the most important film festival in the world!”

For more information on the SF Dance Film Festival view their website or facebook page.



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