dance anywhere® goes to school

Thank you to everyone who participated in dance anywhere® from 2005 to 2016.

Over the span of the event, dancers performed simultaneously in 7 continents, 66 countries and more than 714 cities.

dance anywhere® goes to school encourages classrooms to participate in dance anywhere and to explore resources supporting their dance while also following the moment of dance with a reflection: a poem, drawing, painting or interview that gives personal context to the larger group experience.

dance anywhere® goes to school encourages teachers to connect their dance to existing curriculum.

Finding the many cultural and historical ties that dance can bring to an inquiry and to share those connections with a larger audience who might be willing to dance in the same way.

For a classroom or for an entire school to consider an interval of dance is a radical celebration that validates a different sort of learning. It builds community, supports physical activity, and invites creativity while learning patterns of movement.

Although dance anywhere is a global moment of dance, one day of each year, its simplicity could be folded into any school day. Sometimes, by starting with one day the inclination to dance can become a contagious daily ritual.

    ideas for your dance anywhere® at school
  • projects with movement
  • how to move
  • finding a beat and keeping it
  • links and resources
    dancing on March 30th, 2012
  • rehearsal
  • parent volunteers
    post performance: written spoken drawn or painted?
  • moving words
  • draw or paint the dance
  • interviews
    how to share
  • documentation: taking pictures and video
  • a description of your classroom project
  • steps for posting your dance reflections

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