Let’s Dance, To DansDance.ca What are you Celebrating this Week? “Dans Dance.ca Can Make It Happen For You” Come Dance with Us, In Beautiful British Columbia, Canada Join Us at the Vancouver Alpen Club 4875-Victoria Drive, that's 33rd & Victoria. The Vancouver Alpen Clubs Postal Code: V5N-4P3 http://www.vancouveralpenclub.ca/ Every Thursday Night Dinner 5: pm to 10: pm - Dance 7: pm to 11: pm Prices in Canadian Dollars Dinners start at $12.00 Dollars and the Dance Starts at $10.00 Dollars Call CowBoyDan at 1-604-889-7951 8: am to 8: pm Pacific Time "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TWO STEPS AT A TIME"

http:// www.dansdance.ca


Vancouver Alpen Club

4875-Victoria Drive Vancouver BC V5N-4P3