Diana Marto

photo by performing with a cast handmade paper whale's Cranium, Grace Cathedral Courtyard. Photo: Benjie Lasseau


2015 I'll be "Flying the Goddesses' Colors" along the pier at the Emeryville Marina, it faces east/west.




Danced with My videographer, Stuart Rabinowitsh, myself & perhaps on-lookers. We will be looking for a site this week.

Diana Marto said:

One sequence took place on a narrow street with painted murals in Getsemani, the arty area of Cartagena. As I danced in front of the mural an old woman walked by me perplexed and asked me what I was doing in spanish, I replied “ballet” which means dancing.


Emeryville Marina, Pier

Emeryville, Marina Emeryville CA 94608


Limatour Beach

Pointe Reyes Station CA