EOSC Introductory School of Dance

photo by Photography by Eric Carmichael (carmichael images)


EOSC Introductory School of Dance through the City of Oakland Parks and Recreation, and under the Artistic Direction of Martha L. Zepeda, is a non-profit organization offering affordable and free dance classes for youth and adults in Oakland and the Bay Area. The dance program at EOSCISD is designed to provide a place for the community to call home, feel safe, build character and confidence, express, and create meaningful art. Through various dance techniques Modern, Ballet, and Jazz; and dance styles including Latin, Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Creative Movement, and Martial Arts; and the EOSC Performance Group, dance at EOSC is a special place that fosters individuality through risk-taking and dance education for the community. During the school year we offer over 30 movement education classes per week and during the summer we offer close to 45 classes per week. Outside of dance education participants in our programs are able to perform in at least four annual performances throughout the year including the EOSC Annual Open House Celebration, The America’s Children’s Annual Holiday Parade, Holiday Traditions at the Dunsmuir Estate in Oakland, and the EOSC Spring and Winter Dance Recital. There are also other special performance opportunities throughout the Bay Area that we seek for our artists to take part in. This year a few of our dancers will have the opportunity to dance with LV Dance Collective for a professional performance experience in San Francisco, California.



East Oakland Sports Center

9161 Edes Ave Oakland CA 94603

Danced with LV Dance Collective, Martha L. Zepeda, Kao Vey Saephanh