photo by Taira Restar, Earth Day, Stinson Beach, 2014



9am - NZ Time said:

Well, it was time to 'dance anywhere', and for me it was 9am, 19/3/16. My score was to enter the square outside the Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt, Wellington, I was going to move in relation to the low lying sculptures there. But, as fate would have it, my future daughter-in-law got locked in the bathroom by a faulty door lock. We handed her a hammer and screwdriver through the tiny slated window to take the pins out of the hinges; she could not. I was in the middle of making breakfast, and just at 9:am I was serving her breakfast through the wee window and thinking, 'well, this wasn't exactly the score I intended but it feels like one, anyway!' I had to laugh.