Karima Mansour, MA' AT

photo by Mahatat for contemporary art


MA'AT is an independent contemporary dance company based in Cairo, Egypt that has been functioning and working since 1999.This makes it the first independent contemporary dance company to be established in this country. Due to the particular environment in which this company works and because it is an independent company, it relies entirely on autonomous funding sources, making it a challenge for all those involved in the work. MA'AT is a nucleus for establishing an artistic movement that is relevant to the contemporary person his/her needs and ideas. The company also seeks to highlight and bring this contemporary form of dance to the attention of an audience that is open to its relevance, as it is with other more familiar forms. Lastly, it aims to present a perspective different from mainstream dance beyond the familiar context of festivity and entertainment. We Did It! Check out the first bit of our performance last night on youtube! http://youtu.be/qPC4wVemnsE



Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC





Qasr El Nile Bridge

Qasr El Nile Bridge Cairo

Danced with Karima Mansour, Birgitt Bodingbauer, Paulina Almeida, Amani, Mohamed, Amr, Florence, Hanna, Mram, Ingy, Mayada, Barbara, and bypassers