"To inhabit one's body is cause for celebration." -Simone de Beauvoir


My apartment

157 E. 3rd Street New York NY 10009

Danced with ...the universe

Ali Schechter said:

To rest with grace in the unknown... to move beyond familiar, linear ways of thinking and seeing and into landscapes that lead the way... intuition.. we release in order to receive... shatter to become whole again... let go the grip of the stories we tell ourselves and into wide open space... flowing, breathing, loving, needing, knowing... not knowing. Trusting. Feet on the ground, pressing, spreading, spine rising up writhing, spirals, hands curling head following and free. A full body experience of surrender... allowing.. it all moves through... brushstrokes.. curves.. spirals.. spongey streaks across the sky... we fill up.. funneling fluidly down and wide always now.