Red Canyon


April 25,14 Primarily I am a filmmaker. Mark J. McLeod shot it. I choreographed and performed in it. I uploaded the video only yesterday April 24, 14 pm on Vimeo. Took about 3 1/2 weeks to edit this. I do not have access to a computer of my own to edit with so I used a computer available to me at a place I know. I know I am lucky about that. The local library's computer pc is too old to upload the file I shot it with on the Canon Rebel T3. At last it was done. I shot it on a day rainy and gray. About two hours later it poured. So the weather gave a lull in the down pour. I prefer not to shoot in the rain but if I have to, I have to. On another day I will relate details more. Add more at stories section below.


Surrey BC Canada

Surrey BC V3W 1S5