Arte Total


The project - GUELRA | Choreographic Transcreation Laboratory search for strategies to promote the development the relationship between a choreographic and co-creational work in the artistic training of young performers. GUELRA is a laboratory. A laboratory of ideas that can be tested. The laboratory is a research in arts education devoted to reflection on the process that follows in the relationship between contemporary dance and the writing of the creators themselves. During this process, the main focus was investigating the intersection between architecture (public space), choreography, body and writing. The starting point of the project was the workshop-based and craftmanship method developed by the sociologist Richard Sennett (2008). As a manner of incubating ideas, we explored the urban space, having in view the use of the city map - Use it Braga- and its shift to artistic intervention areas.



Rua do Souto Braga Braga 4710-231

Danced with Arte Total Dance School Students