Carly Boland

photo by Kurt Loeffler 2012


The current site-non-specific project of Carly Boland, a dance artist located in London (UK), is tag-lined as "a study of the migratory habits of the generation, an indulgent exploration of loneliness." re:plant [the title of the work] explores the range of experience following a re-location. Plants begin as seeds, and begin to send feelers down into the earth, which develop and grow to become the extreme network of a roots system. Transplantation of a plant can potentially cause shock, even the death of the plant. Spring is the best time to transplant trees. Transplanting in the spring will allow the trees to develop more roots before winter arrives again and they go dormant. With patience you can easily transplant small trees, but the more mature a plant, the harder a successful transplantation. Despite the potential shock that a plant may experience upon transplantation, that shock is universal. Every plant, or every body regardless of the origin or destination will experience some aspect of the same stages of re-rooting." This site-non-specific work will be performed throughout London on March 19th in honor of Dance Anywhere Day. The tour begins at the Cutty Sark Museum at 10am GMT. For more information and details check out the website.


Riverside entrance of the Royal Festival Hall

Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd London UK SE1 8XX