Slippry Sirkus inc. founded in 1996, is a not for profit arts organization with unique experience and in-depth knowledge of regional, rural and remote NSW and with broader experience in Australia’s many diverse communities and outreach projects into Cambodia... Integrating visual arts, dance, theatre, circus, film, music, art of celebration, digital media & technology to engage with communities and produce notable experiences that affirm the valuable role of art to effect social, health, educational and environmental outcomes. We encourage leadership, build skills, raise visibility and validate participants' roles within communities, especially young people ‘at risk’ or those disadvantaged by socio-economics, age or culture. We achieve this through consultation, collaboration, partnerships, community cultural development and arts engagement practise



West Kempsey

Elbow St Kempsey NSW 2440

Danced with Community in an exploration of connection and identity... as part of ' Ties that Bind' an Australia Council of the Arts Creative Producer Project...