Gwen Charles

photo by gwen charles


My current body of work includes site-specific performances, installation art, video and multi-media projects. I am interested in creating projects that place contemporary art and performance in non-traditional environments. I often collaborate with dancers and musicians on these projects to expand the audience’s view of where art can reside.


Montclair NJ 07042


Across from Hillside Elementary school

St. Luke's Place Montclair NJ 07042

Danced with Bianca Xavier de Mendonca

gwen charles said:

Birdhouse Longing I placed an ipod playing a loop of a dancer longingly caressing and laying on large balls inside a birdhouse and left birdhouse in front of a public elementary school. If someone was to peek inside the birdhouse they would see the short film of the dancer. The challenges? The sun was so bright that day; from a distance it was difficult to see that there was a film inside. When I had placed the birdhouse to test earlier in the day it was cloudy and the film was visible from many feet away.