Jenn Hicks Nia Technique

photo by Mopo Arts


I am a passionate and joy-filled Nia Technique teacher in Toronto, Canada. I *LOVE* to dance through my life with form and freedom! Let's connect!


Bus stop

Sherbourne St Toronto On M4x 1g6

Danced with Me, myself and my shadow! LInk here:


My office

5678 Dance Anywhere Street Toronto Ontario M5W 3P6

Danced with Me, myself & I

Jennifer said:


Here, at my desk, in front of my closest colleague (my MacBook Pro), I took a dance break. I love being in my body and mooooving!


The Joy of Dance

95 Danforth Rd Toronto On M4K 1N2

Teeny tiny toe dance said:

I took part in this wonderful event in my basement. Barefoot. With a teensy tiny foot dance. While waiting for the washing machine to stop. It was a break from report writing, invoicing, income tax prepping, household chore-ing. Cause I *LOVE* to dance, any and every which way possible! - See more at: