Colin Rishi Connor


I like to dance in parks and in nature and on the streets. So this event really speaks to me. As a creative director who likes guerrilla tactics, a former street skateboarder, and current "Complete Streets" advocate, I'm endlessly fascinated with public space and its more danceable or interactive features. Combine all that with my time spent at Earthdance in Plainfield, Mass and you have the makings of a true dance anywhere devotee. Thanks again to everyone for bringing this to life.


Irvington Woods

109 S. Buckhout St Irvington New York 10533


The Elevated Half Acre

Water St. Manhattan NY

CConnor said:

Having just successfully pitched a new advertising campaign to Florida Blue and escaped the office, I ran out to catch the tail end of Dance Anywhere NYC time. The Elevated Half Acre is a wonderfully sculpted park overlooking the East River from the Manhattan side just by South St. Seaport. You'll see Brooklyn in the background, with tiny cars, helicopters and gulls making their way down the East River. What a luxuory to simply dance. Thank you, C