almut küpper


Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Gaußstraße 20 Wuppertal 42119

Danced with André Schiller

Almut said:

This whole dancing Part happend really spontaneous. A Friend of mine ask me if i would like to dance on the exam exhibition of her Daugther (About Dancing with Dementia), Because i never miss a possibility to dance i said yes! She also propose i should dance with a André (Friend of both of us). Now comes the exciting Part. André NEVER danced in his life befor but out of interest and maby he didn't know what work it is, he said yes ;) So we trained for about Three Day's and this is what we came up with. Even though i never learnd to dance a Tango, i tried to catch the feeling of it. Because She wanted a Tango so badly For me it was a great experience and i thought it is worth beeing told. André is now interested to keep on dancing which is for me the biggest reward because how i see it every person should Dance :) So, i can't wait for next Year!!!!!