Suzanne Improvisation Lerner

photo by photo of Suzanne Improvisation Lerner by Ilan Rabchisky


IF YOU CAN WALK YOU CAN DANCE AND IF YOU CAN TALK YOU CAN SING (and special dedication to those w/ mobility and other physical challenges, who still get on the dance floor & let their Spirit's S*O*A*R!) I specialize in helping people overcome their fears, their "glass ceilings" whether performers or people who think they can't Sing or Dance, to FREE themselves and Celebrate their Unique Spirit! Deeply influenced by the great hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson, MD, I too believe that each person is as unique as their fingerprint. Manfred Fishbeck, a student of Mary Wigman saved my soul when he showed up at my college and said: "There is no Prima donna here. The more you dance whatever you are feeling inside you, the more beautiful your dance will be."


Good Earth

720 Center Blvd. Fairfax CA 94930

Danced with Spontaneous event...everyone who is willing to join me, customers, cashiers, petition signers, passerbys.