Synthesis Aesthetics Project

photo by Charles Roussel


The Synthesis Aesthetics Project is a New York and Boston-based collaborative that focuses on the relationship between dance, music and other multimedia forms. Housing dancers, musicians, poets, visual and film artists, the company seeks to produce multimedia performances and installations through the exploration of common themes central to all art forms. Artistic Director Anne H. Goldberg, composer and choreographer at Manhattan School of Music, focuses on revolutionizing the way in which concert arts and installations are shared with the general public. Offering experiences in intimate performance environments, Synthesis Aesthetics strives to involve the audience, in order to feel as a part of the drama unfolding around them. In addition to concert performance and installation, Aesthetic Synthesis fulfills New York State Arts Standards and seeks to work with students and outreach in sharing a profound love of the arts. We will be in Columbus Circle dancing, and we will figure out how to best use the space very soon. We love the central fountain!


59th Street Columbus Circle

59th Street New York NY