Steven R Holloway

photo by ©steven r holloway

2017 location


232 S. 6th St E.
Missoula, MT 59801


geographer, artist, map maker ... stopping before the Beauty of this world in joy and deLight ... working to keep the world round and wet.



232 S. 6th St E. Missoula MT 59801

Dancing with Steven


Quartize Mtn.

Chewelah WA 99109

Danced with the goddess

steven said:

Danced on Quartize Mtn. at noon. With the 'Smoky the Bear Sutra' whisk. I danced my prayer to the world.


Chewelah United Church of Christ

Chewelah WA 99109

Danced with Judith, Holly, Susan, Chris and Kathy

steven r holloway said:

we dance'd beside the creek beside the church in a small town ... we danced together and thank'd each other for dancing. oh; and I forgot to take the lens cap off the camera ‽



108 North Stevens Street Chewelah WA 99109

Danced with the place itSelf


Quartize Mountain

Mud Lake Road Chewelah WA 99109

Danced with Judith S Holloway


Mount Sentinel

Missoula MT 59801

Danced with :: Dancing as "Smokey the Bear' giving voice to the "the Great Sun Buddha in this corner of the Infinite Void" as set forth in the second Fudo Trilogy; the "Smokey the Bear Sutra" by Gary Snyder. "I DEDICATE MYSELF TO THE UNIVERSAL DIAMOND BE THIS RAGING FURY BE DESTROYED"

steven said:

climb'd mount sentinel for the dance. 35knts winds from the ssw. temp low 50's F. the vastness of the world turning, dancing, loving. alive. what deLight. danc'd the sutra, smokey the bear sutra just above glacial lake missoula's high water mark.


open glaciated colville river valley

old highway Chewelah WA 99109

Danced with :: Dancing at noon in the S ch' wee la Valley the piece; 8' 19.2", a dance of the planets work in conjunction and in celebration with the soft warming earth.


Thornhill Elementary School

5880 Thornhill Drive Oakland CA 94611

Danced with :: Dance of the Planets; a performance with the Thornhill third graders.


Berkeley Art Museum

2625 Durant Avenue Berkeley CA 94720

Danced with :: pinhole photos of the dance at BAM


Oakland City Hall

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Oakland CA 94612

Danced with :: pinhole photos and movie of the dance