Izzy's Gym and dance our way down to KATYPERRYOPOLIS! Everyone is welcome to join us!"/>

Vanessa Blaylock Company

photo by Vanessa Blaylock Company (Creative Commons, Attribution)


Vanessa Blaylock Company explores identity and individuality in the 21st century through a continuing series of public artworks. We are excited to be returning for our 3nd Dance Anywhere in 2015! This year we'll be dancing our way across the Medici University campus. We'll start at Izzy's Gym and dance our way down to KATYPERRYOPOLIS! Everyone is welcome to join us!



Medici University

385 route de Meyrin Genève

Danced with Vanessa Blaylock, Isabella Medici, rmarie Beedit, Scarlett Luv, and many more!


Trafalgar Square

Westminster London England WC2N 5DN

Danced with Vanessa Blaylock, Bibbe Hansen, Sweet Unie, Hope Lessica, Wally Wallis, Apmelina Slingshot, Wendz Tempest, Patricia Anne Daviau, Trilby Minotaur, Beejoo Cerise, Agnes Sharple, Trishatar, Germaine Dufaux, Sandy Boy, Justin Case, Naxos Loon, Laoin Xaris, Pizza Gator, Ush Underwood, Veruka Monday

Vanessa Blaylock said:

What a wonderful day today! I've just started reading Barbara Ehrenreich's book "Dancing in the Streets: a history of collective joy" and today was definitely that. I got to dance with my 2 oldest friends, Trilby & Agnes, make new friends like Apmelina and Sweet Unie, and lots of other wonderful people. Friends for 5 years; friends for 5 minutes; it's just so nice to spend time with so many great people. I love you guys!


Trafalgar Square

Westminster London WC2

Danced with Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company and Gallery Xue / London. Aero Bigboots Agnes Sharple Ameixinha Apmen Goosson Baby Mattes BlackSnake Nightfire Camden Chicadd Chryste Roxan Coffee Queen DJ Haraway Esra’a Al Shafei Germaine Dufaux Gina Broono Herald Fotherington Jazzminh Moore Josephine Delvalle Laurel

Vaneeesa Blaylock said:

TRAFALGAR SQUARE, 30 March -- Noon PDT / 20:00 BST -- 35 people, both longtime friends, and brand new acquaintances, joined in our portion of the global event Dance Anywhere today. We began with a bit of acrobatics, using our bodies to form a giant dodecahedron in the great fountain at Trafalgar Sq