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Press Release 3-13-16

Do It Yourself Public Art Performance

San Francisco, CA – dance anywhere® is a simultaneous worldwide public art performance in which people from around the world, of all ages and artistic capacities will stop on Friday, March 18th, 2016 at Noon Pacific Time, 3pm NYC, 4pm Buenos Aires, 8pm Rome and Paris, 9pm Cairo, 10pm Moscow, 8am Auckland, (world time clock) and dance.

This is a participatory, interactive, DIY public art project, we tell you when to dance – you choose where and with whom. The public is invited to participate. The magic happens because anyone, anywhere in the world can jump in and be a part of dance anywhere® – a combination public art and community activism.

What if the world stopped to dance?

and find common ground?

March 18, 2016 –

beth fein invites you

Noon San Francisco, 3 pm NYC, 8 PM Paris or Rome 9 pm Cairo.

simultaneously around the globe

if you are not making your own dance the following dancers will be participating:

all contact info is for the press only not for publication except my email for the rsvp

beth fein + dancers
beth fein is the creator and artist director of dance anywhere®
13427 chalk hill rd
healdsburg ca 95448
dancers frances sedayo and josie alvite
Music: rachel durling
RSVP- 24 hours in advance:
Space is limited
510 969-9224 (not for publication)

Sonja Hinrichsen takes the idea of dance anywhere® to another level and invites the public to dance with her at the Kala Art Institute (1060 Heinz Ave,Berkeley, CA, 3rd floor)creating a collaborative drawing project …join Sonja in a collaborative drawing project based on abstract forms + shapes. We will use archival ink pens on a large piece of paper. This project is suited for adults + children age 7 + older. The project starts at noon, continuing until we fill up the entire canvas.
(415) 230-9367

Axis Dance Company
Berkeley Art Museum
Crane Forum Space
2155 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94720
510 642-8344

Sonsheree Giles
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102
contact: / (510) 798-4853
Michelle Jeffers: / (415) 557-4282

Rachana Reddy Agumamidi
Kuchipudi dancer
(outside the) Palace of Fine Arts
3301 Lyon St
San Francisco, CA 94123

eric Kupers and Dandelion Dance Theatre
Emeryville Sidewalks and Bridge
Hollis and Powell to the Emeryville Public Market Emeryville CA
Dancing with Bandelion members and friends of Mia Holtan.
(415) 806-0013

Peter Cheng / Peter & Co
Alex Zuckermann Path
Bay Bridge Trail Oakland CA 94607
+1 (650) 393-3896

La Escuelita
1050 2nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606
Oakland Unified School District
Margarita Garcia,

Deborah Slater Dance Theater
3435 Cesar Chavez, #210
San Francisco, CA 94110

One of the earliest ideas of dance anywhere® was to change perspectives through a creative moment where none of our differences mattered… imagining that if everyone stopped for a moment in time to dance…maybe we could shift some thinking to be resourceful and open to different ideas.

letter press invitation to dance anywhere® created by beth fein

There are no prerequisites to participate in this public art performance and it is totally free.


dance anywhere® – Simultaneous Worldwide Dance from dance anywhere® on Vimeo.

Since 2005, thousands of people on 7 continents, 66 countries and 714 cities from all background and abilities have stopped and danced with the world for dance anywhere®.

preparing the preparing invitations to send out… photo: cianna valley


Now with the public discourse so charged, discordant, obstructive, frightened and vitriolic…

numbered edition letter press invitation to dance anywhere® 2016


not only am I asking

“what if the world stopped to dance?”

operating instructions for dance anywhere®

But also:

“Can we find any common ground?”

I have created a numbered edition letterpress invitation to dance anywhere® that I am sending to what I see as political opposites:

President Obama – Mitch McConnell

invitations to President Obama and Senator McConnell


Pope Francis – Donald Trump

invitations to Pope Francis and Donald Trump

Michelle Obama – Fox News

invitations to Michelle Obama and Roger Ailes head of Fox News

Please send me your suggestions of others to invite.

Can art change the public discourse?

Let’s rock the world on March 18th and find out!

twitter: bethfein@danceanywhere

numbered edition letter press printed by beth fein, cianna valley and al hugon with assistance from nicole gervacio

printed at kala art institute


For press inquiries, contact Beth Fein bethfein (at)

dance anywhere 2016 logos
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low resolution dance anywhere promo photo 2014
low resolution dance anywhere promo photo 2014