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Dance Anywhere 2010

by Rachel Holdt

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Kara Davis & Nol Simonse
photo, Matt Haber

Six years ago today, Beth Fein conceptualized the idea of involving dance in the everyday lives of people across the country and globe at the same time. Now proclaimed by the city of Berkeley, California’s mayor, Tom Bates, March 26, 2010 is Dance Anywhere Day.

Here in California, noon is the time to vacate your cubicle, adjourn the meeting, put the Power Point on pause, stop the lecture, un-hand the dish towel, call a short recess and enjoy the movement that is so intrinsically human by dancing wherever you are! Across the globe, the invitation is extended to join in this celebration of the freedom and expressions that dance can bring. To enjoy together the art form that permits the broader expansion of communication through a language of the body is something that not many get to enjoy. Fein created this day for this very purpose.

Perhaps a turn or hip circle is all it will take. For those of you a bit more adventurous, involve some co-workers or neighbors. A website is set up to register your location at . Pictures, video and experiences are encouraged to be shared and you can sign up for email updates as well as enjoy the media that streams in from across the planet.

As we all enjoy this wonderful intermission of public performance, take the time to search out local dance performances in your local area. With the economy in such precarious uncertainty, it is definitely a time when a form of art expression such as dance can use your support. For local performances in the Temecula Valley area, please see or follow along at

Enjoy your dance; however you choose to express it!

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