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Just Dance Anywhere, Everywhere! Berkeley inspires global movement


Dance Anywhere has spread to a worldwide party – as far away as Turkey, Australia, Sweden and Ireland get dancing shoes on as part of the performance.

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Dance Anywhere has now gone international, with people as far away as Estonia and Namibia participating.

Dance Anywhere 2010

by Rachel Holdt

Across the globe, the invitation is extended to join in this celebration of the freedom and expressions that dance can bring. To enjoy together the art form that permits the broader expansion of communication through a language of the body is something that not many get to enjoy.

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Dance Flash: Dance Anywhere this Friday at Noon PT

by Becca Klarin

Dance Anywhere [brings] everyone’s attention to their immediate environment and brings awareness to the change that dance and art brings as it converges with their day.”


Dandelion Dancetheater dancing at the Rockridge BART Station
ance and life mix. The idea is to bring dance to everyday life

SFMoMA Open Space

“As a fairly cynical short-attention-span-generation type, I am always amazed how much seeing live dance gets me all choked up.”

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Posted by: fp Julia
even if you think you can’t dance at all i think it would improve your every day to let yourself go and dance no matter who is watching.

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by Silky Hart

“These events truly resonate deep that we are all dancers!”


Dance Anywhere – Beth Fein performs at San Francisco art gallery

Dance Anywhere creator Beth Fein led a group of dancers amid paintings and sculpture by Constance Harris and photographs by Marion Gray.

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video link: dance anywhere 2010 Geary to Togonon

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video link: dance anywhere 2010 Geary to Togonon

video link: dance anywhere 2010 Geary to Togonon