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Expressive Hart

by Silky Hart

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photo by Matt Haber

I absolutely adore the idea of Dance Anywhere.

Dance Anywhere is an annual project that begins with a simple premise an open invitation for people to stop and dance at 12 noon, PSD. Participants are encouraged to take photos and video, which are then shared on the Dance Anywhere Web site and used to inspire visual art projects. We want YOU to participate! Dancers of all levels, abilities, ages, and backgrounds (and people with no dance experience at all!) are welcome.

These kinds of events truly resonate deep within my dancer soul on a very profound level. What I love about these type of events is heightening the awareness that we are all dancers! We can all enjoy the delights of moving our body.

Years ago when I lived in Marin County, I had the absolute pleasure to study with Anna Halprin and participate in her marvelous dance ritual called Planetary Dance. Inspired by this experience, I co-founded a dance festival in Dallas called Dance for the Planet which still lives on! The mission of this festival is to bring out the dancer in everyone.

So, on March 26, 2010, thousands of people worldwide will stop what they’re doing and dance at 12 pm in San Francisco, 3 pm in New York, 8 pm in Paris or Rome, and so on around the world. Dance your own happy dance and feel your connection to the other dancing souls on our planet.

Beth Fein founded Dance Anywhere in 2005 in Berkeley, CA. This event has now expanded to include people from around the U.S., and as far away as Argentina, Turkey, Italy, France, and Australia.

In her own words, Beth’s idea for this happening is:

to bring everyone’s attention to their immediate environment and brings awareness to the change that dance and art brings as it converges with their day.

Dance Anywhere is about shifting assumptions and heightened awareness, and generating dance anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

The concept for Dance Anywhere blurs the line that separates art and dance from our daily lives. This is art that does not need to be on a stage.

Dance Anywhere is about the transformation of familiar and ordinary locations.

You can participate by creating a dance, a simple phrase, an improvisation, a choreographed work, take a photo, shoot a video, create a drawing or other artwork, or write a poem!

To sign up and for all the scoop, visit

In the spirit of these community dance happenings, and since it is Happy Friday which is The Happy Book day over at Jamie Ridler’s blog, here are some videos which make me happy and celebrate the sheer joy and power of people coming together to DANCE!