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Just Dance Anywhere, Everywhere! Berkeley inspires global movement

Berkeley inspires global movement


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Matt Haber/dance anywhere

Don’t be surprised if you see some people dancing in the streets of the Bay Area today.

Today is Dance Anywhere Day — a global movement for anyone, everywhere to get moving. It started in Berkeley six years ago and has spread to a worldwide party. Now people in other states participate and countries as far away as Turkey, Australia, Sweden and Ireland get dancing shoes on as part of the performance.

From the movement’s Web site:

Dance Anywhere addresses the need for accessible, public art that enriches communities and introduces new audiences to art; dance anywhere benefits our communities by offering free performances that are visible and welcome to passersby; by welcoming people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to participate, dance anywhere connects diverse groups, and builds community through art.

A Google map is nearly covered in blue with dots pointing out where the spontaneous dancing is planned in the Bay Area. (Can you plan and still be spontaneous?) The idea is that people will stop at the exact same time and just start dancing.

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates proclaimed today Dance Anywhere Day. The official start time for the Bay Area’s dance is noon.