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Stop the World, I Want to Boogie – San Francisco Classical Voice

Stop the World, I Want to Boogie

Dance absolutely anywhere

It’s called “dance anywhere®” (complete with the registered trademark symbol) or, if you prefer: “The 8th Annual Conceptual Public Art Performance Piece.” It calls for everybody everywhere to stop at noon on March 30 (at 3 p.m. in New York, 4 p.m. in Buenos Aires, 9 p.m. in most of the Continent, 10 p.m. in Istanbul, Nairobi, and Minsk… and so on), and start dancing.

“dance anywhere®” creator Beth Fein says “When I first thought of ‘dance anywhere®’ it was just an idea. Imagine if we all took a moment to dance. It changes your day, your mood … when you stop to dance, you find inspiration and creativity you may have forgotten. With tough economic times, and so much divisive discourse, here is common ground we can all enter, even if just for a moment — anyone can dance anywhere.”

I wonder if I start advocating simultaneous deep breathing the world over, it would catch on faster if I called it “deep breathing®”? If you’d like to “dance anywhere®” in company, be at noon on Friday at one or more of the following locations:

  • Raisa Simpson & Push Dance Co./Oakland Museum of CA
  • Anne Bluethenthal Dance/SFMOMA
  • Kara Davis/San Francisco Civic Center
  • Alyce Finwall Dance Theatre/343 Sansome Rooftop Deck
  • Sue Li Jue/Facing East Dance & Music
  • Beth Fein & Dancers/San Francisco
  • RoCo Dance Youth Company Mill Valley/Depot Plaza Mill Valley

Source: San Francisco Classical Voice