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Dance Anywhere day: Why you might encounter a flash mob this Friday

by Maura Judkis

If at some point on Friday, March 30, you encounter dancers — whether they’re doing ballet, merengue, or just freestyle moves, as a solo act or a full-on flash mob — don’t be confused. That group of people grooving in public is celebrating Dance Anywhere, a public art project — and their dancing is synchronized with performers around the globe.

Glinda Torvik takes a turn with Bill Hamblin as they join other dancers with the Greater Memphis Square and Round Dance Association in February. (Jim Weber – Asscoiated Press)

Dance Anywhere is a simultaneous public art performance that encourages everyone to dance, wherever they are in the world, at a set time. This year, that time is 3 p.m. EST in the United States, which is equivalent to noon PST, and 9 p.m. in Paris. The event, now in its eighth year, was founded by artist Beth Fein.

Many of the dance groups that have added their Dance Anywhere performances to an interactive map are in California, with residents of San Francisco most likely to catch a performance on Friday. However, dancers as far away as Singapore, Buenos Aires, and Malmö, Sweden will participate. If you’re not brave enough to host your own solo act and there are no performances near you, check out this video of last year’s Dance Anywhere performances.

Source: The Washington Post – The Style Blog