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Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Students step up to Dance Anywhere

The Dance Anywhere association has organized simultaneous dancing across the globe.

 by Alfred Diaz
Attempting to stay out of the rain, participants in a ballet dance flash mob line up beside Book & Game and part of Macy’s on Main Street at noon Friday for a few songs as part of international Dance Anywhere day. Photo: Matthew Zimmerman BanderasWALLA WALLA — On Friday, a downtown flash mob made up of students of Whitman College and The Dance Center had to be moved across the street at the last minute, but did not call off their dancing because of the rain.

Flash mob organizer Idalee Hutson-Fish said she planned to stage the impromptu dance performance at Land Title Plaza, but at the last minute moved the impromptu event under the canopies along the north side of the Die Brücke building.

So customers of Macy’s and Book & Game got to shop for shoes and books while watching 40 youths create a line of pliés on the other side of the glass.

A group of ballet dancers, organized by Idalee Hutson-Fish, lining windows on Main Street. The dancers were participating in an international event called Dance Anywhere where people around the world danced at the same time, wherever they were. Photo: Matthew Zimmerman BanderasSource: The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin