simultaneously around the world

An open invitation for everyone to participate


dance anywhere

An open invitation for everyone to participate


On Friday, March 22nd at noon (PST), thousands of people around the world will stop, pause and express themselves through dance. Dance anywhere® was founded nine years ago by artist Beth Fein, who believed that dance and self expression had become too separated from our daily lives, and this was a way to break down that barrier, while also stretching the definition of what performance art was. Today, dance anywhere® has grown into a world-wide performance art event, with participants in over 45 countries, including South Africa, Russia, Ethiopia, Australia and Morocco.

Who participates? Professional dancers with choreographed performances in public places such as SFMOMA and City Hall, cab drivers, artists, teachers, children – will stop, and dance, whether it be in a public park or a backyard, a bus stop or on the steps of a subway station.

Artist and dance anywhere® creator Beth Fein explains,“I would like to think that everyone, everywhere will all simultaneously stop and dance – even if just for a moment – no matter where they are…what would happen if we all had this moment of movement whether small and quiet or large and energetic together?…You can get up and move your whole body, or dance in your chair. The definition of dance is wide open. In our world of stress and strife, here is a chance to set aside all our differences and find common ground…and dance, each in our own way as a world community.”

Everyone is encouraged to participate and sign up at, and connect with other participants, as well as the opportunity to send in photos and videos. It is free for dancers and audience alike.