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dance anywhere at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

dance anywhere on SF Gate by Leah Garchik

dance anywhere at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

[/media-credit]Contemporary Jewish Museum, Mar. 22, 2013; everyone dance at noon

» “What if the world stopped to dance?” asks Beth Fein, who created Dance Anywhere nine years ago in San Francisco. Last Friday at noon, the project expanded to its seventh continent, with participation aboard the Plancius cruise in Antarctica.

Around here, there were nearly 30 locations where people danced; you can see a few at . Said one young spectator, “Are we going to have a dance party on Monday, too?” Good idea. Every other day, too.

Dancers on every continent joined Beth Fein’s Dance Anywhere, an annual event in its ninth year.  In San Francisco at noon on Friday, there were dancers at nearly 30 spots.  Dancers around the world — in Shanghai, Uppsala, Venezuela, New Zealand, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Cairo and more, including Foster City  — danced, all at the same time.  See more description in Thursday column at

Meanwhile, a few pics in San Francisco:

dance anywhere with c

[/media-credit]CJM, Mar. 22, 2013; construction worker contemplates dancers


[/media-credit]CJM, Mar. 22, 2013


[/media-credit]CJM, Mar. 22 ,2013; like the Rockettes


[/media-credit]CJM, Mar. 22, 2013; yoga-like stretch


[/media-credit]CJ.M., Mar.22,2013; Hands up high


[/media-credit]C.J.M., Mar. 22, 2013;Open Arms

member of Deborah Slater Dance Theater

[/media-credit]San Francisco Main Library, Mar. 22, 2013; member of Deborah Slater Dance Theater