simultaneously around the world

World Clock for dance anywhere® 2016

Time to dance…for dance anywhere® 2016!

Check below to confirm the time of your performance. And if you can’t find your performance time then check out the world clock countdown!

Amsterdam Fri 8:00 PM
Anchorage Fri 11:00 AM
Athens Fri 9:00 PM
Atlanta Fri 3:00 PM
Auckland Sat 8:00 AM
Baghdad Fri 10:00 PM
Bangkok Sat 2:00 AM
Barcelona Fri 8:00 PM
Beijing Sat 3:00 AM
Beirut Fri 9:00 PM
Belgrade Fri 8:00 PM
Berlin Fri 8:00 PM
Bogota Fri 2:00 PM
Boston Fri 3:00 PM
Brasilia Fri 4:00 PM
Brisbane Sat 5:00 AM
Brussels Fri 8:00 PM
Budapest Fri 8:00 PM
Buenos Aires Fri 4:00 PM
Cairo Fri 9:00 PM
Calgary Fri 1:00 PM
Cape Town Fri 9:00 PM
Caracas Fri 2:30 PM
Casablanca Fri 7:00 PM
Chicago Fri 2:00 PM
Columbus Fri 3:00 PM
Copenhagen Fri 8:00 PM
Dallas Fri 2:00 PM
Denver Fri 1:00 PM
Detroit Fri 3:00 PM
Dubai Fri 11:00 PM
Dublin Fri 7:00 PM
Edmonton Fri 1:00 PM
Frankfurt Fri 8:00 PM
Guatemala Fri 1:00 PM
Halifax Fri 4:00 PM
Havana Fri 3:00 PM
Helsinki Fri 9:00 PM
Hong Kong Sat 3:00 AM
Honolulu Fri 9:00 AM
Houston Fri 2:00 PM
Indianapolis Fri 3:00 PM
Islamabad Midnight Fri-Sat
Istanbul Fri 9:00 PM
Jerusalem Fri 10:00 PM
Johannesburg Fri 9:00 PM
La Paz Fri 3:00 PM
Las Vegas Fri 12:00 Noon
Lisbon Fri 7:00 PM
London Fri 7:00 PM
Los Angeles Fri 12:00 Noon
Madrid Fri 8:00 PM
Melbourne Sat 6:00 AM
Mexico City Fri 1:00 PM
Miami Fri 3:00 PM
Minneapolis Fri 2:00 PM
Montreal Fri 3:00 PM
Moscow Fri 10:00 PM
Nairobi Fri 10:00 PM
New Delhi Sat 12:30 AM
New Orleans Fri 2:00 PM
New York Fri 3:00 PM
Oslo Fri 8:00 PM
Ottawa Fri 3:00 PM
Paris Fri 8:00 PM
Philadelphia Fri 3:00 PM
Phoenix Fri 12:00 Noon
Prague Fri 8:00 PM
Reykjavik Fri 7:00 PM
Rio de Janeiro Fri 4:00 PM
Rome Fri 8:00 PM
Salt Lake City Fri 1:00 PM
San Francisco Fri 12:00 Noon
San Juan Fri 3:00 PM
Santiago Fri 4:00 PM
São Paulo Fri 4:00 PM
Seattle Fri 12:00 Noon
Seoul Sat 4:00 AM
Shanghai Sat 3:00 AM
Singapore Sat 3:00 AM
Stockholm Fri 8:00 PM
Sydney Sat 6:00 AM
Tallinn Fri 9:00 PM
Tokyo Sat 4:00 AM
Tomar Fri 7:00 PM
Toronto Fri 3:00 PM
Vancouver Fri 12:00 Noon
Vienna Fri 8:00 PM
Washington DC Fri 3:00 PM
Zürich Fri 8:00 PM

dance anywhere® news...

Mar 1

dance anywhere® takes a break

by dance anywhere®

photo: weidong yang

dance anywhere® will not be hosting an official event in 2017, but please keep dancing wherever you are!

Mar 11

artists + movement = dance anywhere®

by dance anywhere®

where is the dance in your art practice?

Mar 7

common ground

by Beth Fein

Can art change the public discourse?

Mar 1

artist call for entry

by Beth Fein

Artists must create work that incorporates movement in any form…

Feb 25

“I Came to See You, But You Are Gone”

by Beth Fein

farewell to Subterranean Arthouse…a celebration of endings and beginnings