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dance anywhere goes to school

dance anywhere® 2014 at School!

“I really appreciate the concepts in dance anywhere® and it is what I use to expand the possibilities in dance with my small group of children.”

entire school dances

It was a joyful celebration of dance

@school curriculum: Jump!

Think about a dance that is just a jump, a simple moment when students are caught in an unlikely frame

@school curriculum: documentation

Have your student’s artwork ready to post!

@school curriculum: masked dance

Masks can become a driving link to a narrative of movement.

@school curriculum: Brain Dance? anywhere

Can a series of movements energize the brain?

@school curriculum: 6-word memoir

…stop for a moment to reflect upon your unique moment of dance anywhere…

@school curriculum: dance anywhere then haiku

…write about the experience…

@School curriculum: Little Johnny Brown

…Little Johnny Brown reveals a particular relationship between the individual and the group…