simultaneously around the world

tilt the world on its axis

dance anywhere® is an open invitation to the world to all stop whatever they are doing and dance on March 28th, at noon in San Francisco, 3pm in NY, 4pm in Buenos Aires, 8pm in Paris or Rome and so on, simultaneously around the world. This conceptual, public art performance, the creation of Beth Fein, is intended to spark creativity, create communities without borders, make art accessible to everyone and perhaps tilt the world on its axis.


photo: FEDM

the definition of the “dance” in dance anywhere® is open to interpretation….leaving everyone including dancers, doctors, bus drivers and plumbers as well as photographers, painters, printmakers, writers to make a dance that might also be a turn of the corner, a wave of the stethoscope, a drawing, a poem, a painting or whatever you can imagine…

the following are a few of the unexpected dances from past years:

Maria De La Vega con sus Jueguetes en (with her Toys in) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Osvaldo Cibils and Fiorell Alberti dancing with paper in Trento, Italy

Robin Nasatir (video shot by Erica and Terry) of pajamas partnering with the Suffolk Wind.
Whitnesham, Suffolk, England

Motion Made Marks from Susan Wolf in Berkeley, CA

to participate in dance anywhere® 2014 sign up on the website and remember to dance next Friday!


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