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Carol Kueffer: Alive Performance

Founding member of David Dorfman Dance, dancer and dance educator Carol Kueffer has been a dedicated dance anywhere® participant since the start. Over the last ten years she has danced in the rain, at schools, museums and street corners throughout the Bay Area. As she looks back on her years of dancing anywhere, she remembers unique moments of interaction and engagement experienced during her performances. “dance anywhere® creates so much back and forth between people. Being in the streets and interacting with people in new creative ways is one of my favorite parts of dancing.”

beth fein + dancers  / carol kueffer  / photo: holly jordan

beth fein + dancers / carol kueffer / photo: holly jordan


 Carol’s favorite dance anywhere experiences include dancing with Beth Fein and Dancers at Oakland Museum of California in 2011. “That year it poured, so we danced in the rain with slickers and umbrellas, cheering up the gloomy day”. Last year she joined Beth Fein and Dancers again, dancing outside Yerba Buena Center for the arts. “Last year’s performance took dance anywhere® to a new level in terms of choreography and interaction with space. Beth put so much into it and it turned out really well”.  To Carol, each year offers a new opportunity to explore a different aspect of performance depending on the site, passerby and weather conditions. In comparison to dance performance on a proscenium stage, “dance anywhere® offers such a different, alive performance”.

beth fein + dancers at OMCa    / photo: Mike DiFilippo

beth fein + dancers at OMCa / carol kueffer, terese hoibye  / photo: Mike DiFilippo

 As a dance educator in schools throughout the Bay Area Carol is excited about engaging students in dance anywhere®. Said Carol, “Its always exciting with kids-  you never know what’s going to happen!”. This year she will work with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Middle School students at the Bentley School in Oakland. “I will set a piece on each class, using material they learn in class as well as their own choreography. The students will perform on sections of the play structure throughout the playground”. Carol will teach the students about site-specific performance and share video from the dance anywhere® website of performances around the world. “It’s really great that I have dance anywhere® to bring to these students. They’ve never done it before and will be excited to learn”.


Each year Carol looks forward to seeing the media posted from around the world on the dance anywhere® website. “It makes me feel like a tiny part of a whole, bigger event happening…It’s amazing to think of everyone dancing around the world. dance anywhere® is such a powerful concept”.

 For more information on Carol Kueffer view her  dance anywhere® page.


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