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dance anywhere ® -back to the future

When I started dance anywhere® in 2005 I hadn’t imagined it would be more than a one-time performance.  It was a whimsical idea – that we all just get up and dance together at the same time no matter where we were or what we were doing.


My first dance anywhere ® performance that launched the project was on College Ave in Berkeley, CA – from Russell St in Berkeley to Claremont Ave. in Oakland (7 urban blocks) with at least one dancer on every corner. The moment we finished people starting asking when are you doing this again?

beth fein + dancers

beth fein + dancers /  2005

it was low tech when it started. Pre – iphones, we ran around borrowing everybody’s video and still cameras to document the dancing. What a different world we live in now!

beth fein + dancers

beth fein + dancers

A decade later dance anywhere®  has been on 7 continents, more than 66 countries and 714 cities. It has sparked creativity and community connections, as we reclaim the culture we live in, sharing space and time globally and bridging our differences.

beth fein + dancers

beth fein + dancers / 2005

dance anywhere® only happens because we all stop step out of our normal routine and into dancing simultaneously together.

I will be dancing anywhere at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Sonoma county, CA.

So what’s your plan for

March 18, 2016

…are you ready to dance?

join in

noon – San Francisco, 3pm – NY, 9 pm –  Cairo etc.

check your time on the: world clock 

Ruth Botchan  / photo: Treve Johnson

Ruth Botchan / photo: Treve Johnson



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