simultaneously around the world

AXIS Dance Company at BAMPFA for dance anywhere 2016

BAMPFA, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, hosts Axis Dance for dance anywhere® 2016.

Soradi Dance in Templàrio – Portugal – March 10th, 2016

Mega manifestação de dança à escala global no Pavilhão da Nabância

“Dance your day away,” Mercury News embraces dance anywhere®

Mercury News covers dance anywhere® 2016.

Mike Inouye of NBC Bay Area on dance anywhere 2015

Mike Inouye of NBC Bay Area covers dance anywhere 2015. Originally aired on March 27th, 2015. Mike Inouye – NBC Bay Area Covers dance anywhere ® from dance anywhere® on Vimeo.

Taiwanese American dancer performs “Dance Anywhere”

Taiwanese American dancer performs “dance anywhere.”

Peter Cheng

Dancers from many cities all over the globe joined 10th anniversary of “Dance Anywhere” today.

Bay Area leads Dance Anywhere event Friday

Stop and dance will take on a new meaning at noon Friday (March 27) with the 11th annual Dance Anywhere. The simultaneous public art performance will bring people of all ages and occupations together to dance around the world, from Buenos Aires to Estonia. And the Bay Area is at the forefront of the event […]

when we all get up and dance together

  When We All Get Up and Dance Together | By Marie Tollon As you walk along the streets of the city this Friday, March 27, you may witness individuals or groups laying into the groove of recorded music or dancing along the urban cacophony of their neighborhood. It may also be that you have marked […]

Ready, Set, dance anywhere!

“What a different world we were living in then. In 2005, we had to go out and beg for cameras. Now everyone has a cell phone.”

dance anywhere ® Makes the World Its Stage

Yerba Buena visitors and passersby were taken by surprise…

Dance anywhere celebrates with free shows

Dance anywhere celebrates with free shows all over S.F. Updated 7:05 am, Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Dance anywhere participant Antoine Hunter shows off his moves. Photo: Weidong Yang Free dance performances are scheduled at venues all over San Francisco at noon Friday.  by Mary Ellen Hunt Why draw lines between art and life? On Friday, let […]

don’t miss Bay Area event – Dance Anywhere ®

Feel like dancing? The 10th annual “dance anywhere®”