March 28, 2014 - noon SF, 3 pm NYC, 8 pm Rome & Paris

dance omi in the fields

Dance Omi International Dance Collective is a three week residency directed by Christopher K. Morgan, bringing together an international group of dancers and choreographers to explore and collaborate through dance. This artistic process is the goal of the residency: to have the time and space to create without the pressure of a finished performance.

Miguel    /    photo: Ross Willows

Miguel Estefan, Jr. / photo: Ross Willows

This year’s diverse group of choreographers and dance artists bring together their varied backgrounds including modern dance, release technique, west african dance, somatic practices, holistic healing and the intersection between dance and sculpture.

Hunab & Marcela

Hunab ku Mata Caro and Marcela Giesche     /      photo: Yeondoo Jung

Christopher K. Morgan describes the experience: ”The two most unique aspects of Dance Omi are that it brings together a truly diverse group of international dancer/choreographers and that the invited residents have the opportunity to work site specifically on Omi’s unique property.”


Etienne Cakpo   /      photo: Ross Willows

“Residents are invited to dance anywhere; our extensive outdoor sculpture park The Fields, the Omi barn, empty grain silos, open fields and gravel roads. It’s a fertile playground where the environment and imagination can ignite choreographic exploration.”

CKM and Gesel

CKM and Gesel

Dance Omi’s model for artistic process and international community building fosters an environment of creative exploration, exchange, professional opportunity and exposure, creating a vibrant arts culture locally, regionally, and internationally.

Renata and Lynn             photo: Yeondoo Jung

Renata Sheppard & Lynn Neuman    /      photo: Yeondoo Jung

All events are free to the public.

Dance Omi 

Showing in The Fields

Saturday / August 23, 2-4 PM

The Fields at Omi

1405 County Route 22 in Ghent, NY

with artists-in-residenceErin Crawley-Woods (Maryland), Aleksandr Frolov (Russia), Kokou Gbakenou (Togo/USA), Andrea Hackl (The Netherlands), Zoe Rabinowitz (New York), Gabrielle Revlock (Pennsylvania), Sydney Schiff (New York), Kensaku Shinohara (Japan), Osías Yanov (Argentina) and Paola Ponti – 2014 Guest Mentor, Alumni 2012 (Italy) 




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