March 28, 2014 - noon SF, 3 pm NYC, 8 pm Rome & Paris

Dance in a Glass Room- DSDT at the SF Jazz Center

In the middle of San Francisco, in a room with glass walls, dancers dressed in white moved like phantoms on the other side of a window. Deborah Slater Dance Theater performed  in the all-glass Joe Henderson Lab at SF Jazz  Center. 

dsdt26photo: Tim Isom
The company performed a scored improvisation, using established choreography created from the 5 senses.  This score could be assembled and disassembled by the dancers in response to the physical space and the live music.  It was inspired by Diane Ackerman’s ‘A Natural History of the Senses’ and Slater’s ongoing interest in site-specific work. “I’m a big fan of public art and believe it makes dance more comprehensible to the general public.”

Slater’s creativity was sparked by the dancers, by the music and by the beautiful space. Community members stopped to watch the unusual sight, some of them engaging in the performance space. “Some came in and sat in chairs or on the floor, many just slowed way down as they walked by, trying not to be intrusive but being drawn to watch, some leaned in against the glass so they could see better.  It was great seeing grown ups look like little kids.”

dsdtphoto: Tim Ison

This is DSDT’s second year participating in dance anywhere®. “I think it is a brilliant idea.  It offers dance to the public for free in all sorts of unexpected places.  It allows them to engage a lot or a little, depending on their comfort level and works as a great introduction to the form”. Her dance anywhere® 2014 experience was one to remember. “We had a wonderful time both rehearsing and performing in the glass box which drew people on all sides.” 

dsdt3photo: Tim Isom

Slater offers a final thought- “I think [dance anywhere®] should be funded so that professional companies can pay their dancers for the time they put in and increase the range and quality of the work offered.”

dsdt34photo: Tim Isom

For more information on Deborah Slater/ DSDT visit her website or dance anywhere® page



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