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Cabrera Premieres “The Aftermath Affair”

Kara Gwinn Pearson

The Aftermath Affair, premièring February 28th 2014, is “the culmination of three years of intensive research, excavation and experiment with movement vocabulary”. Bianca Cabrera draws upon movement that she has developed with her company, Blind Tiger Society, over several years, as well as new movement generated in collaboration with her cast of 16 dancers. “There’s been a lot of sharing of material, and inside of that, distilling image”.

Cabrera describes the piece as “dancer centric”. In the rehearsal process she has sought to “draw out the dancer” and “find each individual’s unique voice”. “Its magical when you’re able to really understand the dancer- the heavens open up”. She finds that the unique voice of each performer emerges within the piece. “I give them a lot of material but that’s only part of it. It’s the showing up in the material that really makes the difference.”


Ruth Haney

“The Aftermath Affair speaks to my animal, the instincts I follow, that aren’t connected to my intellect”. Cabrera describes the piece as very visceral and focused on the body. “The piece speaks to the way I breathe in the morning and the way I exhale before I go to bed, and all the crazy things I do in between. Its really about the body”.


Weidong Yang

Says Cabrera, “The piece has a real rigorous fervor, direction to it. The choreography… comes towards the audience, or rather towards the dancers, overwhelming them in movement”. “The piece is full of classic dance imagery that melts away into animal”.


Ephraim Peniston

Choreographer Bianca Cabrera and her company, Blind Tiger Society performed a highly tactile and exploratory work in Jessie Plaza, San Francisco for dance anywhere® 2013. The company will return to Jessie Plaza this year to further explore the space, creating a unique work with improvisation specifically designed for that space. “Last year we had a set piece that we then let the space inform- it was kind of a reverse of improv. This year we will improvise for the space”.


Roel Q Seeber

Cabrera participates in dance anywhere® because “I think place is very contextual and generates a lot of history and meaning in itself that dance can draw upon”. She says that her latest work, The Aftermath Affair, has been challenging because it will be performed in ODC Theater (San Francisco) in a “typical proscenium manner”. “I’m always thinking, ‘Now that we’re here this piece must live here’. What does the space require of us, in order to be here fully?”

For details on the upcoming performance of The Aftermath Affair visit-

For more information about Cabrera and Blind Tiger Society visit her dance anywhere page or website


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